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Milford Nissan makes it a priority to stock inexpensive pre-owned vehicles because we realize that a lot of our customers are in need of a cheaper priced vehicle. Whether it be the price itself or a vehicle that can be financed for a lower monthly payment, you can find a great selection of low priced vehicles.

What we consider to fit into this category:

  • Vehicles that you may be able to finance for under $300 per month.

  • Price tag of around $20,000 or under.

  • Vehicles with higher mileage that we would normally send to a local auto auction.

  • Vehicles that may have some cosmetic damage but is mechanically sound.

Peace of Mind

Although these vehicles may be older or have more miles, they are still inspected and serviced by one of our certified mechanics with the same process we use for a certified pre-owned vehicle. All safety items are addressed and anything not safety related is noted for full disclosure. We get that budget may be a top priority for some buyers and they will have the option of performing any recommended maintenance or repair that may have been noted. This helps to give you the lowest price possible.