What does “We Service Most Makes Most Models” mean?

Milford Nissan has technicians who have been trained to perform maintenance and repairs across all car & truck brands. This category of work is called “MMMM” (Most Makes Most Models). We decided many years ago that if national chains selling oil changes, mufflers and tires could service MMMM, we could do it too.

Where do you get the parts? 

We stock brand new repair & maintenance parts right here for nearly all car manufacturers. If there’s something unique that we don’t have, we send out to the local dealer of that brand for that part. In fact, we do so much MMMM service work at Milford Nissan that many local dealers for other brands deliver parts to us on the same day we call them for it.

How do you know what my car needs if it isn’t your brand? 

We have access to the technical service data for all the car manufacturers. We can tell you exactly what Volvo, VW, Toyota or any other manufacturer specifies for maintenance on your car at the exact mileage it has on it today. We subscribe to industry information services that grant us access to repair instructions, technical bulletins and much more.

Why are your prices less than at my (other brand) dealer?

We are very strict about this, and we do only what your car’s manufacturer calls for at the appropriate mileage interval. This is not the case with most dealership service departments where they often have a bad habit of “recommending” significantly more than what the manufacturer’s engineers have prescribed for the vehicle.

Is the work on my car guaranteed?

All of our service work and parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, regardless of the brand of vehicle.

Is this kind of service normal in a new car dealership?

No, it is not typical. Most dealership technicians concentrate exclusively on the vehicle brands that their dealership sells. Their compensation plans drive this bias.
We have a highly progressive way of compensating our people which liberalizes their approach and makes it possible for us to enthusiastically support the resources required to be competent across all brands. The owner of our company was a technician early in his career, so he just thinks differently than most dealers.

Is this a new service you offer?

We have emphasized our MMMM service capacity since 2011 and we are very comfortable with it. Our customers appreciate the ability to have all the cars in their driveway taken care of at one location, from the people they trust.
We feel that our MMMM service is a very real part of the Milford Nissan advantage.