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Filter Facts

Filter Swap and Replace Drain Plug Crush Ring

One of the greatest advantages of a Nissan oil filter is the anti-drain back valve that prevents oil from draining from the top of the engine back to the oil pan while your vehicle is running. This feature prevents a “dry” or un-lubricated start up of your engine and saves wear on critical engine components. We also install a new copper crush ring on your drain bolt which allows proper tightening of the drain bolt. We frequently see tow in vehicles that were serviced elsewhere that do not have a crush ring and are leaking engine oil or in some instances, have no oil left in the engine. A small detail that can make a big difference.

11110-ZS00A - Oil Pan - 2005-2019 Nissan | World OEM Parts Nissan


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Genuine Nissan Oil Filters have an anti-drainback valve that helps keep oil in the filter when the engine is not running. This helps reduce engine wear on start-up.

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Our technicians also perform a complimentary multi-point inspection while you’re in to help preserve the performance of your Nissan vehicle.


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