Milford Nissan Express Oil and Filter Service


Why visit an aftermarket service center when you can spend less at Milford Nissan? Milford Nissan only uses quality factory parts and Nissan Factory trained technicians who know exactly what your car needs to keep running strong for years to come!

Milford Nissan performs your oil and filter service using a patented Nissan anti-drainback oil filter. The anti drain back valve, maintains oil pressure at the top of your engine in the critical area of the camshaft and engine valves. This anti-drainback valve reduces engine wear on cold starts and extended periods of non-use. The anti-drainback valve prevents dry/cold starts. 

Milford Nissan uses a new Nissan crush ring/gasket on your drain bolt with every oil and filter service. The crush ring allows the drain bolt to be tightened just enough to not strip the threads on your oil pan. The crush ring also reduces the chance of your oil drain bolt from coming loose and potentially falling out, causing your engine to lose all of its internal lubrication.

Each Nissan year/model has specific requirements for oil viscosity. Most 2013+ Nissan vehicles require 0W-20-weight oil. Older models require 5W-30. Our Nissan Certified Technicians know the exact specifications for your year/model Nissan vehicle.


The best way to ensure long engine life is to keep all of the internal parts lubricated at all times, especially during a dry or cold start up. Our service advisors are always here to answer any questions you may have. Call (774) 462-3006