We are working to ensure your visit is as safe as possible!

In these difficult times, the health and safety of our customers and associates continues to be of the utmost importance to us.

We have taken many steps to do everything in our power to keep our store clean, and safe for everyone. Our whole team is onboard with maintaining the highest hygeinic standards across all departments, and we ask our customers to follow massachusetts government issued social distancing guidelines as well as wear a face covering when visiting our location. We all want to get through this safely, and we have implemented many physical changes as well as our staff process changes to maximize our efforts in fighting the spread of the Coronavirus.

- We have installed clear glass partitions on all customer facing desks to minimize face to face exposure.

- We have reduced, and spread out seating in our customer area's to maximize effective social distancing while visiting our building.

- We have recently completed construction of an outdoor patio to increase the size of our customer area's, and give you the option of sitting outside rather than inside.

- We have had professional contractors fog our entire buildings with Decon 30 disinfectant regularly.

- We have redirected multiple personnel positions to full time cleaning positions. These personnel will clean to disinfect our entire location throughout the day. We also have increased the scheduling of the professional cleaning company that cleans for us after hours. 

- All of our employee's and customers are required to wear face coverings while in our building in accordance with government order.

- We have provided multiple hand sanitizer stations as well as PPE for anyone within our building. 

We hope that you feel safe and confident in doing business with Milford Nissan. We are here for you during these uncertain times