Welcome to our Women's Certified Buying Program!


Milford Nissan is pleased to introduce you to Fifi who will be your go-to for all things automotive. 



*She's born in Morocco and has lived in the United States since 2000

*She comes from a large Moroccan family and still speaks with them on a regular basis

*She's fluent in Arabic, English, and French 

*Her interests include traveling, singing, enjoying music, animal lover, foodie (seafood is her favorite), love babies and children

*Fifi's professional accolades include 3 years in the rental car business, 5 years with Nissan, Certified Nissan Sales Professional, Nissan Award of Excellence.


Much of Fifi’s success has come from working with other professional women who simply put, feel more comfortable working with another woman. She’s been approached by many women that are unfamiliar with the car buying process or unsure of where to start. She’s worked with many women that have recently been through a divorce or become widowed and have to start the car buying process for their first time on their own. She makes the entire experience a comfortable and knowledgeable one. Whether your buying, leasing, servicing, renting or simply just looking for advice or guidance, Fifi is your go-to for all things automotive. And hey, look at all her interests above. She’s happy to talk dogs or music any day of the week. 


Have other questions about what it's like working with Fifi? Here are just a few to help guide you through a trustworthy experience. 


*Is your schedule so crazy that you’re finding it difficult to get time to get over to the dealership? Fifi will meet you at your home or office. Whatever is convenient for you!


*Want more information on the latest vehicle enhancements? She has a thorough understanding of the latest safety and technology advancements such as Nissan Connect Services, Nissan Safety Shield 360, Apple Car Play, Android Auto and many more


*Not sure on how frequently you need to service your car? Fifi is a phone call away and will continue to be a resource long after you purchase.


*Is your lease ending soon? Are you over your mileage allotment? Is there damage to your vehicle? Fifi will help guide you to the


*Do you own a small business and need a commercial vehicle? Fifi can help!


*Are you looking to buy or lease your child their first car? Fifi will help answer all questions related to your personal needs.


*How about the first time car buyers out there? Fifi will help you understand the benefits of leasing vs buying.


Some additional benefits to our program:


* In an industry where typically only 5% of women serve on a dealership sales force, The Women's Certified Program now offers a substantial team of professional women in sales, finance, management, and service.


* We have access to 7 stores and over 2,000 vehicles. 


* We are a trusted and family-owned resource to stand behind you and the lifetime of your vehicle.


* Feel completely at east while buying a car in a friendly and transparent environment.


* Work directly with me, Fifi, who understands and listen to all of your concerns.


* Help to build connections rather than just engage in a business transaction. 

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